My love for fitness and training exploded at university. I loved the feeling of pushing myself to new heights, seeing my body and strength grow and the rush from a post-workout high. I’ve enjoyed exploring many different ways to stay fit, from boxing to triathlons, to a wide range of sports and now martial arts. I believe variety keeps you and your body on your toes and is also a great teacher.


Through life, I’ve had my own fair share of ups and downs and so I know first hand that losing weight and gaining muscle is challenging. But that challenge can be enjoyable with the right mindset and support so you can become the best version of yourself. With my years of success and experimentation, I can help you build a tailored and sustainable fitness plan to help you reach your goals.

Success Is The Goal

I like to regularly challenge myself to see what I’m made of and to make sure I don’t get complacent. One of the most difficult challenges I gave myself in recent years was cutting down to 7% body fat. The feeling of accomplishment I felt when I got there was enormous and I learned a lot about my body and myself. That’s generally how I like to approach my training, for me it’s a lifestyle and a process of ongoing learning.